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Caroline Murphy


Caroline Murphy is founder of Legalwise and a former practicing solicitor, qualified to practice in Ireland, England & Wales. She has almost 20 years experience in advising and supporting the legal services and insurance industry, 15 of which was spent as a solicitor specialising in insurance litigation. She specialises in strategies for legal supplier management (external and in-house) in both the public and private sector, as well as risk management for solicitors. In recent years, work has extended into supporting private law firms around issues such as strategy planning, quality service and value in client care, and staff performance management including leadership, mentoring and coaching. She is an accredited consultant for Lexcel, the International Practice Management Standard for solicitors, and an Associate Member of the Law Consultancy Network, a group of highly regarded law firm management consultants based in the UK and Ireland.


She began her career as a solicitor initially in a provincial practice where she served her apprenticeship, before moving to London for 2 years to practice with a city firm in the London Insurance Market. She returned to Ireland to a mid sized Dublin firm for 4 years again working exclusively in insurance litigation where she became a Partner, before eventually moving in-house to establish an in-house law firm for a leading multinational insurance company, which she led for 5 years. During her in-house experience, Caroline underwent significant Management, Leadership and Personal Development Training as part of her involvement on the senior management team, put together the first ever Risk Management and Business Continuity Plans for the legal function which she managed, engaged in various workflow and process improvements for legal services generally using Lean Six Sigma methodology, implemented Knowledge Management and Know-How techniques within her legal team and also the non-legal teams she supported, and also led various training and development programmes for internal staff and external customers.

Caroline established Legalwise in response to a growing market need for buyers of legal services to have independant, impartial and practical experience led advice on selecting, retaining, reviewing and remunerating performance in legal service contracts, and for solicitors in turn around what strategies to put in place to meet client expectations. Specialist areas include supporting businesses which incur a heavy legal cost spend (such as those which employ panel solicitors, banks, insurance companies, public and state bodies etc.) as well as risk management for solicitors.As a result she very much draws on her own personal experience gained as a practising solicitor tasked with managing legal staff, securing business and driving quality service, as well as that gained from the perspective of the buyer of legal services, and the in-house counsel position.

She is a frequent speaker and panellist at a variety of legal and industry events on topics such as quality and value in legal services, driving effective client management, risk management in legal services, insurance claims management, litigation cost management, and panel solicitor contracts.  Caroline is also an Accredited Mediator, Member of the Garda Disciplinary Tribunal Panel under Ministerial Appointment, and since February 2012 is one of only 2 Irish Accredited Consultants for Lexcel, the International Practice Management Standard for Solicitors, regulated by the Law Society of England & Wales.

She was recently invited to join the prestigious Law Consultancy Network as an Associate Member. The LCN is a group of highly regarded law firm consultants with multi-discplinary backgrounds, who support the legal services industry in both the UK and Ireland. Through the Network, clients can gain access to a wide range of knowledge, skills, and expertise and members of the LCN often work together to support larger projects, faciliate knowledge sharing and provide a wider range of services to clients collectively, than might be available individually.

Caroline studied at UCD where she was awarded a Bachelor of Civil Law Degree and also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies from the UCD Smurfit Graduate School of Business. She has proficient Spanish & French.

Caroline works on a one-to-one basis with clients to ensure committed personal attention, supported by a multipdisciplinary team on a case-by-case basis, as and when required by client needs.